Meetings & Duties


All meetings are on Thursdays at 12 noon for 12.45 (unless otherwise stated.)





HHDate Month Venue Notes Speaker Topic
14th January Meeting to be held on Zoom   Peter Enser Newhaven: gateway to the continent
11th February Meeting to be held on Zoom   Neil Cuttriss Cyber-dependant crime
11th March Meeting to be held on Zoom   John Miles Global Sight Solutions
8th April Meeting to be held on Zoom   Sir Charles Burrell Rewilding
13th May Meeting to be held on Zoom Committee meeting 09:45 John Schofield Bringing Quality to Japan
10th June Meeting to be held on Zoom   Peter Enser

Airmail takes off

8th July Jeremy's Restaurant Ladies Lunch First Post-Covid meeting at a venue!  
12th August Haywards Heath Golf Club      
9th September Mid Sussex Golf Club      
14th October Jeremy's Restaurant TBC      
28th October Ardingly College  Ladies Dinner    
11th November Haywards Heath Golf Club Committee Meeting 10:45    
9th December Lindfield Golf Club AGM Members Only  




Attendance at Monthly Meetings, Apologies and Guests


Apologies for absence must be given to the Executive Committee member responsible (Ken Monk currently, or in his absence his appointed replacement) by 9.00 PM on the Sunday evening before the monthly meeting, failing which any absent member should pay the Treasurer as soon as possible the full amount due for his missed meal.


If apologies are given by email, the apology will be noted and an acknowledgement emailed to the member. If such an acknowledgement is not received, the apology is not valid, and a missed lunch will have to be paid for.


Additionally, a member should not contact the restaurant at any time to cancel his meal or attempt to negotiate exemption from payment.

Also where a member has made a payment in order to participate in any Club event or activity, he and any guests will not be entitled to reimbursement if he or his guests subsequently cancel (unless he is able to find replacements and/or there is no loss to the Club).


Members may bring guests to meetings subject to prior notification to and the agreement of the Member designated to record attendance. Such guests shall not attend lunches on more than four occasions in any twelve month period



Lunch duties 2020
2020 Grace Thanks 2020 Grace Thanks
January James Beacon Michael Scuse July Peter Enser George Ruse
February David Brann Fred Wood August Paul Graham Roger Martin
March Chris Bosker Roger Townsend September Norman Howard Bill Lea
April Bill Box - October Stuart Gregory John Keates
May John Stephens John Stephens November Richard Greig Peter Hartley
June Brian Drew John Schofield December Martin Hodgson -


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